Kubota Generator UAE

Rich Motors is the leading Company of Kubota Generator and Genset distributor & Supplier in UAE and Middle East. Kubota Generators UAE is the leading Generators brand in the UAE, Dubai, Sharjah & Middle East. We provide KUBOTA GENERATOR Middle East and many variants in the Diesel engines as well as in Petrol engines and Kubota Generator engines also. Despite the physical size of the machine we also deal in the spare parts, Generator Mounts and its soundproof canopy. Our product manufactured under highly experienced teams of engineers. Kubota generators UAE Supplier is equipped with Self-service and self-start panel so that Kubota engine could display every operation info on the Automatic Digital Panel. Richmotor is the largest distributor of Kubota Middle East. KUBOTA GENERATOR UAE.

Kubota Generator and Genset distributor & Supplier

Kubota Generator and Genset distributor & Supplier in UAE and Middle East


First of all, thank you for preferring our product and company. KUBOTA is a well known and prominent heavy machinery manufacturing brand in the world.

They are serving in 130 centuries. It has multitasking, technological, and compact operation.

It is creat the mechanical systems, and that fulfils their customer's expectations. KUBOTA ha innovative historical background.

The main motive of Kubota Generator and Genset distributor & Supplier in UAE and the Middle East (For Earth, For Life). KUBOTAhase almost 187 affiliates, which includes 174 subsidiaries and 13 equalities methods affiliates. KUBOTA GENERATOR UAE Supplier.

KUBOTA was manufacture solemn heavy compact multi-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engines up to 114 Horsepower at the start of time. One decade before the 18th century, Gonshiro KUBOTA became the first person that started production domestically. KUBOTA began to operate in the 18th century, and KUBOTA Corporations registered in 1890. At the start, just serving as an innovative system to Osaka (Japan), later on, KUBOTA modify its capabilities according to customer's needs.

In the 18th century, KUBOTA fulfilled the requirements of just a small area. KUBOTA GENERATOR UAE Supplier.

History of Kubota Generator

In the 19th century, the world shifted to advanced technology, and KUBOTA customised their orders according to the client's wants.

Primary demand was created by Agriculture sectors, so that in 1922, KUBOTA started horizontal production in different sectors throughout the world. At that time, KUBOTA launched Liquid Cooled Kerosene Engine (LCKE) for agriculture use. Later on, change and enhance the capabilities in different sectors.

In 1976 KUBOTA's first compact diesel engine was manufactured and sold US, America. Today KUBOTA Generators large growing manufacturer starts compact multi-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine. Furthermore, KUBOTA moves to a small, medium, and large manufacturer, like that not only whole engine manufacture, nether then also manufactured spare parts. KUBOTA started parts and power supply around the world.

Market Overview

UAE, 90% of freight inbound to the Emirates, arrives as ocean freight, much of it carried in shipping containers.

Dubai's Jebel Ali is the most critical ocean freight port in the UAE. It is one of the world's largest artificial harbour. The UAE has 12 commercial trading ports, other than oil ports.

Overall, 61% of cargo destined for GCC states arrives via the UAE's seaports.
Air and land freight transport remains less critical than maritime transport. Land transport is virtually non-existent.

UAE remains one of the most attractive markets in the region for retailers, behind Saudi Arabia.

UAE retail market was valued at $ 55 billion in 2019 and grew to $ 75 billion by 2025 due to various factors such as rising per capita income, growing tourism industry, and increasing expatriate population.


UAE states remain very attractive to retailers, as 86.4% of the population lives in urban centres. UAE has growing Supermarkets and Flats due to the high population. Omnichannel (online and offline purchase) is becoming a growing trend in modern grocery retailing.

The UAE is the most advanced E-Commerce market in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. UAE estimated that E-Commerce transactions in the country would cross $16 billion in 2020 and grow 23% annually to 2022. Over 95% of purchases predicted to be made online by 2040.  Rich Motors is the top Kubota Generator and Genset distributor & Supplier in UAE and Middle East.

Several selling methods are possible in the Emirates; direct sales are not very widespread. The most common way is to market products through local commercial agents. Many firms will choose a different distributor or commercial agent in each emirate. Imports and exports of food products have typically been entrusting to companies specialising in this field. However, the Government has recently abolished the monopoly of agents and has proceeded to open up this sector.

Finally, companies tend to use Dubai's geographic position as a regional hub for stocking their goods before re-exporting them to other markets, e.g., India, Iran, and Pakistan. Moreover, the use of franchising is rapidly expanding.

Kubota Generator Middle East

Rich Motors Offer KUBOTA GENERATOR Middle East and provide the best Kubota generator dealer and supplier in the Middle East. we are the top supplier of Kubota generator in the Middle East and UAE.

KUBOTA Control Panel

The Automatic Control Panel provides interaction to the user for all operations at the Generator, like self-starting time after electricity disconnection, temperature, Thermostat and water levels, fuel level, emergency shut down, etc. The panel is equipped with a microprocessor capable of interfacing with the engine through a can-bus hence fully configurable.

KUBOTA GENSET Compact Design

The company is working with many Kubota suppliers in UAE. Few Kubota dealers in UAE also work in the top of the line compact design models despite the other Kubota supplier in UAE dealing in commonly used models to fulfil KUBOTA GENSET demands.

Kubota Generator is equipped with next-gen. Engine and up to date technology of power generation. Kubota LOWBOY generators are the most demanded product from KUBOTA Generator UAE supplier. This model is designed with the lowest-possible height and SUPER MINI engines. Because of the minimal size, this machine is lightweight.

Salient Features:

Valve Timing Control

It is the Standard of Kubota engines that is the steady front gear do not need any maintenance. The superior timing belt or chain designs is the Valve timing provides un-matched heavy-duty valve timing control.

Water-Proof Ignition-System

the ignition system design so that moisture could not disturb the machine start-up. It equipped with state-of-the-art water-resistant connectors based push start system. The push ignition system helps to improve the self-life and battery life also.

Premium Quality Cast Iron Cylinder Head and Valve Materials

Alloy material exhaust valves designed for High-temperature tolerance and seats fixed into the full cast iron cylinder head. This hi-class cast material provides efficiency to the Generator for reliable engine life. In the outfields where daily usage of these machines are up to 15-18 hours power generation. The Cooling systems and Waterbody of the device must be designed with a superior quality Cast Iron to get cold as soon as water passes the body.

Engine Knock Protection

KUBOTA GENSET Sharjah is famous Among Kubota Dealers in the Middle East for its top of the line latest low canopy models and many other soundless engines equipped with a knock sensor. The knock sensor used in Kubota engines automatically fix the spark advance damages caused by detonation or knock of the Valves when the throttle is varying upon dynamic power load.

Coil-On-Plug Ignition

The coil surrounding the plug gives a marvellous engineering artefact design in Kubota Generators. This system enhances the current flow through this coil instead of traditional spark plug wires in engines. Thus it increases the engine reliability and lowering the maintenance costs.

Kubota Generator UAE and Middle East Maintenance

KUBOTA engine performance can only be achieved when choosing Kubota manufactured standard parts and replacements or the same factory used to ensure consistent performance.

Kubota Generator Air Filters

Air Filters are an essential part that is to be rapidly replaced because it is always interacting with the external environment while doing air suction. In Dubai, Sharjah, UAE Abu Dhabi and East the generators mostly used in construction sites. These sites are rusty and dusty. In such places, the air filers of engines should be dense enough. Thus, KUBOTA GENSET Sharjah provides more thick filter paper in the air filter and design it in large size for improved air suction. KUBOTA GENERATOR Middle East

Kubota Generator Oil Filters

Kubota Industrial engines have to work for long working hours in severe working conditions, and engine oil heat up at high temperature, so fat must be filtered for engine parts safety. Kubota Generators are protected with genuine Kubota filters.

  • Contains Internal corrosion protection
  • Larger filtration area and compact design
  • Robust fabrication design
  • Designed for Kubota engine

Kubota Engine Maintenance Tools and kits

  • Kubota Digital Hydraulic Tester  KUBOTA GENERATOR Middle East
  • Kubota Small Tractor Splitting System
  • Kubota Rail/Track Assembly and Engine Bay
  • Kubota 2 Ton Screw Jack With Handle
  • Kubota Splitting System Cab-Stands
  • Kubota Large Tractor Splitting System
  • Kubota Oil Filter Cutter (all type of engines)
  • Kubota Diesel Engine Compression Tester Kit
  • Kubota Diesel Engine Compression Tester (without Adapters)
  • Kubota Diesel Engine Compression Tester (without Adapters & Case)
  • Kubota Digital Pressure Gauge: 0-5000 Psi/Bar for all type of engines
  • Kubota Valve Guide Kit with Installer KUBOTA GENERATOR UAE Supplier. KUBOTA GENERATOR Middle East

Our Services

Now KUBOTA Generator Middle East started its operation in Middle East Emeritus (UAE). KUBOTA GENERATORS have the largest manufacturing and ISO certified chain globally and now started its KUBOTA GENERATOR UAE. Therefore, the UAE has a dynamic and diversified business environment compared to the rest of the world and attracts ISO certified firms.

In the 21st century, UAE has a new International Trade Hub (ITH) in the globe. KUBOTA GENERATOR has uniqueness and novelty compared to others that's meet the international standards and UAE standard. With the parts and power, you can get your hands on some of the best KUBOTA products with our diversified range of classic models, Modern and robust generators, engines, and spare and parts.

Kubota Generator Vision

Kubota vision is to provide reliable products and services at high quality with CE norms and "ISO 9001:2000: Quality Management System" certification, KUBOTA, all its activities at its modern facilities.

Your generator set is subject to several tests and quality control at every stage of productions.

There are test and control procedures carried out on the time interval among the very first "assembling" step and the very last "delivery" step. KUBOTA products are also manufactured environment friendly at norms with "Environment Management System" certified. As a standard KUBOTA document, the "Operation and Maintenance Manuals" for the Diesel Engine, alternator, and Generator set must have been delivered to you together with your generator set.

After buying KUBOTA GENSET, your responsibility as a customer is to read, understand and remember all information shared in these documents before using your generator set.

This  Documentation will help you avoid any possible accident that may be harmful to you, the people around you, and the Generator set itself. You have also signed a periodical Maintenance Agreement. Also got regular, complete, and economical maintenance and reparation services from KUBOTA GENSET.

You also  Receive good quality services for your product. Please let us know about your wishes and suggestions to contribute to our product services quality.

KUBOTA Generator Middle East contributes to protecting the environment and solving social problems. KUBOTA GENSET is more committed to their client's and customer friendly environmental product and services.

Therefore the company conducts an environmental assessment of products in the design and development stage and promotes environmental friendliness over the entire product life cycle from the procurement of raw materials to the disposal of products.

KUBOTA Generator UAE

Kubota Generator UAE internally certified exceptionally environment-friendly products as Eco-products and is expanding its lineup of certified products.

RichMotor is the largest distributor of Kubota Generator in the UAE and the Middle East.

Following are the regions we deliver to :

Kubota Generator UAE

Kubota Generator Middle East

Kubota Generator Dubai

Kubota Generator Sharjah

Kubota Generator Abu Dhabi

Rich Motor Works as,

Kubota Generator and Genset distributor & Supplier in UAE and Middle East

Kubota Generator Supplier

Kubota Generator Distributor

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Kubota Generator and Genset distributor & Supplier in UAE and Middle East

Kubota Generator and Genset distributor and Supplier



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