Soundproof canopy is basically a a large box lined with the acoustic installation. Every acoustic canopy additionally has reason manufactured louvers with the expectation of complimentary stream ventilation and to decrease the outside sound levels. Generator with acoustic canopy Sounding sealing is refined by coating each area of the acoustic covering with thick protection to retain the commotion produced when the generator motor is running. With no solid sealing, the generator is named “an Open Set”- these have no canopy or compartment. The most well-known level of sound sealing for generators is the E.U. standard of 80dbA @ 1-meter open field conditions. This is by a long shot the lion’s share of all-acoustic canopied generators that we have produced and introduced over the most recent 10 years.

At the point when the generator is to be for all time sited outside, that is the point at which you require the generator to be its own particular acoustic climate evidence and lockable shelter . Weatherproof and secure.

We are the main Manufacturer of generators shades, sound evidence canopy, acoustic generator shelters, blower coverings, link machine shelters and generator canopys.

We offer a standard scope of DG set acoustic fenced in areas from 5 kva up to 2000 kva. These canopys are offered for various generators having distinctive particulars, particularly intended for use with diesel-engined producing sets. They are chiefly of the drop over outline, in spite of the fact that a completely de-mountable alternative is accessible for applications where establishment space is constrained.

The drop over plan has the benefit of low establishment time, brisk access to the generator set for real support, indispensable weatherproofing and it might be re-utilized at elective destinations. A large portion of our acoustic fenced in areas are finished at our manufacturing plant and are prepared to go straightforwardly into benefit. Every acoustic fenced in area establishment is dealt with exclusively. Site assessments are completed to decide the sort of walled in area required.

We deliver accuracy designed Sound Proof Canopies for our esteemed customers. Driven by advancement, these Sound Proof Canopies are perfect for generators, blowers, blowers, sewing machine, water powered machine, link machine and numerous others. Sound Proof Canopies is generally utilized for inside and additionally outside use in numerous enterprises. Further, Sound Proof Canopies shield machines and generators from every single climate condition, fire, moistness and residue.

Types of Sound Proof Canopies

Acoustic Generator Canopies

Being the main names in the business, we offer our customers a broad cluster of Acoustic Generator Canopies that are practically proficient in nature and are acclaimed for excellent execution, strong benchmarks and dimensional exactness. Acoustic Generator Canopies are acclaimed for silent activities and are composed and created according to the set quality norms from our partners. Moreover, we offer them at most reasonable rates. We additionally offer AMC administrations of the whole item run.

Sheet Metal Generator Canopies

We are enrolled among the figured names in the business, offering a wide exhibit of Sheet Metal Generator Canopies that are dimensionally exact in nature and are practically productive. Manufactured with most extreme precision from our partners these items are in strict adherence with set quality measures and rules. We test the whole Generator Canopies on changed very much characterized parameters previously the acquirement, consequently conveying world-class exhibit of items to our customers. We likewise offer adaptable and quality tried cluster of administrations.

Genset Canopies

We are prestigious firms in the business, offering a quality guaranteed exhibit of Genset Canopies to our recognizing customers. These items are designed with most recent advancements and are used in various mechanical and business foundations. They have board seeing window with side opening access entryways. We likewise offer quality guaranteed and opportune conveyed exhibit of administrations that suits the budgetary imperatives of our customers.

We are a main Manufacturer of generators coverings, sound evidence canopy, acoustic generator shades, blower shelters, link machine shelters and generator canopys.

Rich Motor employs highly skilled engineers, technicians and assembly personnel to provide full service from initial project concept through completion and follow-up support.  AT RMC we are committed to working with our customers to provide solutions that meet their technical and financial goals. We develop equipment with a high degree of collaboration with our customers. When necessary, we can develop prototypes to demonstrate or validate difficult concepts and/or processes and confirm potential solutions. We are dedicated to working with you to define and develop your specifications, test products and reliable solutions.  A small glance of our Specially designed projects that shows the extent of collaboration and commitment we go through to deliver the best to our clients.

Richmotor Company sound proof canopy ingest the vast majority of the transmitted sounds with execution evaluations ensure sound levels of no more prominent than 65—78 db(A) at 7 meters, under free field conditions. Our frameworks are based on a measured idea and can be effectively segregated. Our fenced in areas join a ventilation framework which empower warm dissemination and proficiently chill off the encased gen sets. We additionally make private review acoustic cupboards which have upgraded sound weakening capacities.

Our sound proof overhang Power Generation Systems for the most part oblige diesel-let go Power Generation Systems and have a power yield from 80 kW to 240 kW. They bear the CE check and have been affirmed by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department as “Quality Powered Mechanical Equipment”.

We have specialized aptitudes and know-how to outline and convey Power Generation Systems that can adapt to testing working conditions, for example, high elevations or outrageous atmospheres. For instance, in 2006, we planned, coordinated and conveyed our PGSs, along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the world’s most astounding railroad, and correspondence sub-stations in the PRC with an aggregate of 50 sets of 1.2MW gen-sets. We introduced Power Generation System segments on the railroad generator wagon and ISO-containerized Power Generation Systems were introduced at flagging communities for crisis move down purposes. The Power Generation Systems were intended to work at elevations up to 5,072 meters and temperatures running from negative 45 degrees Celsius to positive 40 degree Celsius. In 2008, we sold 360 arrangements of encased soundproof shade write Power Generation Systems to China Railway Corporation, providing nine out of 18 regions of the PRC, when the nation was hit by extreme winter storms.

Features of Sound Proof canopy

  • Heavy level acoustic consideration: 65 dB at 1 meter from all headings on location
  • A basic kind suppressor is mounted inside the fenced in area
  • Total outline adaptability
  • Robustness and upgraded solidness
  • Heavy obligation base edge made up of steel U channels 10*5cm protected with 10cm sound
  • engrossing material and secured by 1.5, 2, 3mm sheet steel from the two sides here and there
  • Shelter parts are made in 1.5, 2, 3mm sheet steel
  • Canopy dividers and roof are covered with sound engrossing material
  • Anti Scratch 100 micron Powder Paint Coated under the temperature of 120 °C
  • Four lockable entryways
  • Four lifting focuses
  • Oil and coolant seepage focuses
  • Easy shelter disassembling for upkeep reason
  • Full climate verification fenced in area
  • Suitable for activity in extremely unfavorable climate conditions


Duel sets with Motorized louvers and automatic fire extinguishing system

2500kva with oversized air outlet

Project Name:

Water pumps

3 units trailer-mounted super silent one skid housing fuel tank and synchro panel for the production house

Sound Proof Canopy


RMC All-Weather Sound-Proof canopy achieves high STC and NRC ratings. They have been specifically designed to withstand outdoor exposure in full sunlight, extreme weather conditions, and harsh industrial environments. (NRC of 1.0 is the highest sound absorption rating possible) .

All RMC canopies include an internal layer of A FG sound isolation material plus a specifically engineered 2″ (50.8mm) thick weatherproof sound-absorbing material.

RMC Canopies are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. They may be Assembled even by a beginner as they are user friendly and easy to identify. All isolating materials are covered by a Galvanized perforated sheet that permits the routine cleaning process to be more efficient and also protect the lifetime of the acoustic mate

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