RMC Certified Generator Seal of Approval

RMC has made standards for reliability in the field of electrical power generators for the better part of more than 10 years. At Rich Motor, we are aware of our customers’ needs and provide just the right generators for you. All of our equipment undergoes from a thorough and careful check and a rigorous inspection program to ensure the safety of our customers and their equipment. We ensure the quality of our products so that it runs flawlessly when needed. We know that you leave no stone unturned when it comes to business and so do we. We are confident to provide the utmost service quality and satisfaction to our customers from our work to your equipment.

Diesel Generators UAE


The qualified team of engineers and trained technicians at Rich Motor have the working inductee experience of more than 15 years. Their advanced professional experience and skills have helped us grow into the enterprise we are today. The academic and training achievements of our great team of engineers and technicians are as follows:

  • Engine Management Systems and Accessories
  • Fluid, Power and Electrical Systems
  • Power Trains
  • After Treatment and Induction Exhaust Systems
  • Heavy Duty Torque Conversions
  • Diesel Engine Frequency Conversions (60 to 50 Hz)


There are a lot of companies bluffing to be the best in dealing with Diesel Engines and generators. However, customers often face the fact very late that they were dealing with fakes all this time. These companies don’t even hold the parts required by the customers. At Rich Motor, we are assured of our credibility for providing the quality equipment. This is due to our deep inspection processes as each generator is checked rigorously for bugs and errors before making it available for purchase. For assurance of credibility;

  • We own what we sell.
  • We do not deal in other barker’s inventories.
  • Our work is not Out-Sourced.
  • All the labor is completed in UAE in the 25000 Square feet facility.

Inspection Process by Manufacture:

Since the year 1981, Gahddar Machinery and its sub-company Rich Motor have been known for maintaining good relationships with major generator manufacture companies. These relationships enable Rich Motor to be up-to-date with the latest and greatest inspection processes.

  • We follow Caterpillar, Detroit and other leading manufacturers for the Internal Inspection Processes.
  • Rich Motor provides services for all types of models in industry.
  • We also provide services for the oil fuel types including Diesel, Natural gas and turbine generators.


As generators come in several sizes and power factors, one size is not a good fit for all of them. For optimum performance and long term reliability of the equipment, you must get the right fit for your generator. To meet all your facility needs for power, we have made a fabrication department that modifies and configures your generator according to your requirements. Our previous customizations include the following:

  • Enclosure Housing
  • Waterproofing
  • Sound Attenuating
  • Shipping Container Mounting
  • Trailer Mounting
  • Fuel Tank Options
  • Skid Mounting
  • Modifications to Accommodate Standby
  • Tight Spaced Installations
  • Special Applications
  • Ventilation and Exhaust Outputs
  • Working to fit specific building specifications

Rich Motor 31 Point Inspection Process:

At Rich Motors, we have made additional inspection procedures and follow the Manufacturer’s Inspection Guidelines so that our customers get the best generator for their money’s worth. The customer satisfaction we receive each day is proof of that. We are proud to say that our equipment works in optimum conditions whenever it is used.

Standard Checks:

  • Grease Gen Bearing
  • Tighten Hose Clamps
  • Check Oil & Condition
  • Check Coolant
  • Turn Engine for 2 Full Rounds
  • Removal of Remote Wires
  • Checking Barrel Leads for Insulation
  • Checking Voltages & Checking Fan Belts
  • Missing Belts & Check Blocked Heaters
  • Remote Start & Connection Battery Voltage
  • Cold Water Leaks & Check Fuel Rack
  • Checking Battery Cables
  • Checking Battery Chargers

Load Bank Checks:

  • Checking Temperature with Heat Gun
  • Coolant Leaks
  • Oil Leaks
  • Full Rating Tests
  • Gauge Compliance Test
  • Gauge Adjustment Test
  • Accurate Temperature Gauge Test
  • Engine Alternate Test
  • Pro Alarm Verification
  • Shut Down Verification
  • Auto Start Test & Tag Verification



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About Us

Rich Motor Company (RMC) is the most trusted supplier and Quality manufacturing of generators powered by Kubota, john deer, and RMC G-drive engines powered by Cummins offering power and O&M services in the UAE and The Middle East.

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